Highly Effective Water Treatment Programmes

Minimising the common water treatment problems
Microbiological Fouling
A comprehensive suite of water treatment products available
Evaporative Cooling Treatment Programmes

Evaporative Cooling Treatment Programmes

An full range of Inhibitors to minimise scaling and corrosion over a wide range of hardness levels.

Oxidising biocides in both liquid and solid formats, for easy application and effective control of microbiological foulants including legionella.

Non oxidising biocides, where oxidising biocides are not an appropriate option and for removal of stubborn foulants such as algae.

Biodispersants to assist with the removal of biofilm in the cooling system and enhance the performance of the biocidal programme.

Anti-foams to break the surface tension and remove unsightly foam

Steam Boiler Treatment Programmes

Steam Boiler Treatment Programmes

Dissolved oxygen is major cause of corrosion in steam systems, chemical oxygen scavengers eliminate oxygen from the feedwater and reduce corrosion rates. We have  the ideal option available for your boiler.

Our alkalinity booster products ensure the boiler is operated within the ideal pH range, reducing corrosion and sludge build-up.

Dispersants both phosphate and non phosphate, assist with the removal of sludge and keep your heat transfer surfaces clean and efficient.

Amine and non amine FDA approved products minimise corrosion of the steam system and ensure valuable condensate is returned.

Multifunctional products for small boilers, when one drum needs to do it all.

Closed System Treatment Programmes

Closed System Treatment Programmes

Chemical treatments for both heating and chilled closed systems.

A variety of inhibitors in both liquid and solid formats for ease of application. We understand the  BG50 guidance and how water treatment effects the operation of your system.

We can also supply dosing pots for liquid products and filter feeders for removal of debris and easy application of our solid product range.