Pool Treatment & Services


Effective Pool Treatment Ensuring A Relaxing Space.

A spa pool should provide a nice relaxing space, a place to unwind. They can be a wonderful additional to a health club, holiday park or even in your own back garden.

However pool treatment when done incorrectly, can constitute a health a risk and be anything other than relaxing.

Because we have over 20 years water treatment experience,  including pool treatment on swimming pools, hydro baths and spa pools, Pura-Clear understand the challenge of keeping a pool clean and inviting.

Pool Treatment Chemicals

We have a full suite of pool treatment chemicals available:

  • Chlorine & Bromine based biocides
  • Shock treatments
  • pH adjustment
  • Antifoam
  • Hardness buffer
  • Clarifier

Pool Treatment Services

Helping you keep the spa clean and safe

A dirty pool and filter system can harbour harmful bacteria, such as Pseudomonas (hot tub rash) and Legionella. Therefore, to prevent bacterial growth, filters must be cleaned frequently, with appropriate cleaning chemicals.

Also the spa itself should be cleaned, to remove body oils, greases and build up from cosmetics (at least 3 monthly, dependant on usage).

Pura-Clear have the equipment and experience necessary to help keep your pool well maintained.

  • Maintenance cleaning.
  • Routine testing services available.
  • Microbiological testing at UKAS accredited labs.

Keeping the Water Chemistry Balanced


The biggest factor in keeping your spa in good condition and minimising risk is ensuring your spa water chemistry is correctly balanced. Ensuring the hardness, alkalinity, pH & chlorine/bromine are correct can sometimes be a juggling act.

Test strips are a cheap and easy way to ensure your spa is safe to use prior to use. However there are times, such as when the water chemistry is well out of its limits that constantly dipping test strips can be a frustrating and costly experience.

As water treatment specialists Pura-Clear have the high quality equipment to test the water parameters correctly.

As a water treatment company which prides itself all on the quality of its service you can expect:

  • A professional service, with certificates of disinfection supplied.
  • Health & Safety assured – Method statements, risk assessments for the works to be carried out.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets for chemicals used or provided.
  • Advise on how to operate your system correctly.

If you are operating a swimming pool or spa pool as a business, then it is important to follow the guidance of HSG282 to minimise the risk from legionella. Because we have a thorough understanding of the guidance, Pura-Clear can help you to remain compliant.

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