Steam Boiler Treatment

Reducing The Cost Of Operating Your Steam Boiler

Having an effective water treatment programme is critical to reducing the costs of steam boiler operation. Due to the insulating effective of scale deposits, poor water treatment will massively increase your energy consumption.

Pura-Clear have 20 years experience in effective steam boiler treatment and relish the opportunity to demonstrate how partnering with us will reduce your site operating costs.

We have a comprehensive selection of chemical treatments available, combined with our expertise, we can provide a quality service to reduce your carbon footprint.

Water Treatment Chemicals

Steam boiler testing  is a critical part of  an effective treatment regime to prevent corrosion and sludge build up.

Because we have over 20 years experience testing steam boilers and selecting  treatment programmes, your steam system is safe in our hands.

As we  use the latest high quality equipment, and testing  by an experienced chemistry graduate, we will  therefore provide you with complete peace of mind.

In addition we have a full range of chemical treatments available. Treatment products such as oxygen scavengers, alkalinity builders, dispersants and condensate treatments.

When you use Pura-Clear we focus on  the boiler being operated as economically as possible.

As a consequence  therefore, we focus on blowdown reduction which lowers energy consumption and lowers carbon footprint.

  • Oxygen Scavengers – A range of available products, sulphite and tannin based products, which minimise oxygen content and reduce the risk of pitting corrosion on your boiler tubes.
  • Alkalinity builders  – These ensure the  the ideal system pH level are achieved reducing corrosion rates and sludge build up.
  • Dispersants – Phosphate and non phosphate products are available, which help to keep heat transfer surfaces clean and the boiler operating at optimum efficiency.
  • Condensate treatments – Neutralising and filming amines to ensure steam side pipework failures are minimised, by eliminating attack by dissolves gases.
  • Multifunctional products ideal for small boiler systems, such as steam generators. These one drum products provide all of the chemical adjustment required, with no need for mixing.
Treatment Equipment
Softeners, RO & Dosing Equipment

We have a comprehensive range of dosing equipment available. Because water treatment chemicals are only effective when dosed correctly.

We are also able to offer softener service on all major softener types.