Effective Treatment For Closed Water Systems

Ensuring your low temperature hot water and chilled closed water systems are operating at maximum efficiency

Maintaining a  closed system at its maximum efficiency and reliability, shouldn’t be a chore.

Is your air conditioning system struggling to cool in the summer?

Are your radiators too cold in the winter?

Discoloured water and blocked strainers may be due to poor water treatment in your closed system. This may be due to scale, corrosion and possibly slime due to bacterial fouling.

Scale and corrosion deposits build up in the closed system as sludge, this results in cold spots in radiators and fan coils, and leads to extra energy consumption.

Pitting corrosion, due to oxygen ingress and a lack of chemical inhibitor, may also lead to pin holes in the pipework, which will increase costs due to failures and repairs.

Bacteria in these closed systems also cause a slimy biofilm on the metal surface, which is both insulating and increases corrosion.


Pura-Clear understand what is required to ensure closed systems are treated correctly as per the latest guidance.

We can therefore provide our clients with peace of mind that their closed circuit treatment service is helping to minimise scale, corrosion and fouling.

Pura-Clear closed system health check can help reduce the  operating  and maintenance costs of closed systems.

For example, radiators may have cold spots, due to sludge, which reduces the heat output.

In addition the system maybe a dirty colour, because of inadequate water treatment.

Because of poor water treatment your  air conditioning plant may not cool your building making it stuffy and uncomfortable.

Therefore quality water treatment is a worthwhile investment.

We can advise on how to remove scale and corrosion debris.

A Full Range of Chemical Treatments
Liquid Treatments For Effective System Protection
  • Pura-Treat BNS  – This product provides excellent corrosion control for steel, cast iron, copper and brass, and also has good dispersing properties.
  • Pura-Treat CH – The primary choice for corrosion control in multi metal systems, .   It provides excellent corrosion control for most common metals of construction, including aluminium, steel, cast iron, copper and brass and is suitable for use in  all water qualities.
  • Pura-Treat VX – This is a multi metal corrosion and scale inhibitor which  has been approved under the NSF/CIAS Scheme product certification scheme (formerly BuildCert).
  • Pura-Clean HN5 – A high strength nitrite based corrosion inhibitor, which provides excellent corrosion control for steel systems.  This neutral pH product  can be used as a supplement to boost nitrite levels as part of a  neutral pH programme.
  •  Pura-Treat CC5.1 – A pH buffer for adjusting the pH of systems containing aluminium alloys.
  •  Pura-Treat KQ2007 – A non acid based corrosion debris remover. This product is suitable for use in multi-metal systems.
  •  1.5%CMI/MI – Closed circuit biocide for chilled systems.
  • Pura-Biochem TH – A closed circuit biocide for use in LTHW systems.
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Solid Chemistry And Filtration For Closed Systems
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